Practical strategic communications advice & training.

Ireland’s go-to communication specialists

We provide tailored training in all aspects of communication


Bespoke Communication Skills

We can help you with any communication need you have right now. And prepare you for the ones you haven’t even considered yet.


Business Writing Skills

This comprehensive course is designed to ensure you master business writing, whether you are composing impactful emails or crafting persuasive reports.


Communications Masterclass

This six session programme will equip you as a leader with the skills, confidence and motivation to deliver exceptional communications - consistently.


Effective Meeting Skills

Our Meeting Skills training will show participants how to make every meeting efficient and effective. How to structure them and how to contribute to them.


Making an Impact

This course is designed to provide your team with the skillset to be effective and impactful communicators who can adapt to any interaction.


Media Skills

If your job involves interacting with media, you need to be able to clearly communicate your point to your intended audience in an engaging, confident and credible manner.


Presentation Skills

This course will make any participant, be it you or your team, a better and more confident presenter.


Pitching for Business

If you’re pitching for business, if you’re selling products or services, we can increase your chances of success. We’ll help you win business.



Exceptional communicators skilfully weave words, phrases, and imagery in meetings, presentations, and everyday conversations. They inspire, inform, and bring about change.

We specialise in communications.

Writing, talking, negotiating, interviewing, broadcasting and listening.

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