Design For Life: How can I find a new job?

15th Feb 2021
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Full article published in The Business Post Magazine

“First things first: regard your job-seeking as a full-time project. You are now working on the “getting myself a job” job. Plan how much time you’re going to spend every day preparing to make yourself stand out in the jobs market. Make a routine you can stick to. “

“I work with dozens of people every week to help them get their CVs, cover letters, application forms, presentations, and interview skills right, and I’m always surprised by how many, no matter how experienced they are, haven’t taken a highlighter to the job spec and identified forensically the skills, experience and abilities required for the role. The job-seeking process is about the other party: the company you want to work for.”

“Make your CV stand out immediately to a time-starved recruiting manager and include a snappy, relevant personal profile at the start. What’s your pitch for the job, in five bullet points? You have 30 seconds of the employer’s attention, make it easy for them to see you have the experience, skills and track record they need.”

“The cover letter should complement your CV, not duplicate it. The company needs to know this letter is for them and nobody else. Prove that by avoiding generic, baseless claims: “I have a passion for copywriting” or “I am always seeking new challenges”. Show that you understand what the company is about and reflect this back to them. If you think they’re the best at building relationships with clients, tell them about your desire to be part of that service using your own proven communications skills.”

“Check your LinkedIn and your social media profiles. Would you be happy for a potential employer to see them? Most recruiters will do a search so keep an eye on your digital brand. Remember: it’s not unusual in these times for the job hunt to drag on. Keep going, keep applying. Persist.”