How can I be more confident in my new job?

21st Sep 2020
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Our Senior Training Consultant Sarah Geraghty advises a Business Post reader on how to make a good impression on her new employer.

Sarah’s advice includes:

Look at the opportunities you’ve been handed through Zoom: in every meeting you can watch one individual participant without anyone suspecting you’re a stalker.

Do it by capturing the moments when they gaze out their kitchen window for long reflective moments. Are they the “Hey, how about this?” person, or the one the facilitator has to go to at the end to see if they have anything to offer?

Do it by writing down key things an individual says and quoting them back as you make a point: “Peter talked about ‘a missed urgency’ and it might be useful to apply that to . . .”

See? Peter feels great about himself and the group feels more of a team because a link has been made, rather than each person presenting a non sequitur.

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