What skills and qualities do you need to nail your next presentation?

31st Oct 2019
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What are Effective Skills and Qualities for a Good Presentation?

Benefits of Strong Presentation Skills

Good presentation skills are essential if you want your audience to think or act differently after your presentation. A well-structured presentation, delivered with skill, appropriate body language and eye contact will always be more impactful than simply just standing up in public and speaking. So, what are the essential skills that go into a good presentation? Some of the key elements of a good presentation, and for speaking in public, are described below.


Enthusiasm for the subject of your presentation and for your audience is key. It’s easier to be enthusiastic about a subject that you know well. Remember that your body language should be authentic-use your hands, face and voice to emphasise key points in your presentation. Enthusiasm does not mean bouncing around the stage-it means engaging warmly with your audience. Use eye contact to allow you to see your audience’s reaction-if they are losing interest you need to be watching this all of the time.

Focus on Your Audience

Remember that for presentations and for public speaking, an audience wants to get something out of the time they spend watching and listening to you. Make the presentation all about them. What are they worried about or have a problem with? Provide them with a solution in your presentation. What are the benefits that you can highlight to an audience during a presentation? An essential presentation skill is to think hard about your audience and what they want. Use eye contact and body language to watch and assess how well your audience is focused on you.

Good Body Language

Good body language is in sync with what you are saying. An essential presentation skill is to be able to be comfortable in front of your audience. Some public speakers like to use their hands to emphasise a point-some don’t. Use body language that is comfortable for you. Eye contact is key to your own presentation skills-use eye contact to emphasise a point. Watch the body language of your audience as well and be ready to react to it by repeating or highlighting your key points.