Anton Savage: I look like a courier having a mid-life crisis, and it's all Mary McAleese's fault.

23rd May 2024
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Originally published in the Business Post.

I’m sure Vespas are cool in certain circumstances, but I’ve yet to figure out what those circumstances are.

Mary McAleese has caused me to have a scooter. Not directly. But me being forced to ride around Dublin on a Vespa is ultimately her fault.

In the last few days of the March constitutional referendum campaigns, McAleese was campaigning for Yes/Yes (the less said of that the better) and made herself available to media.

I was slotted to interview her at 10am in Camden Street on what turned out to be the morning of The Big Snow.

I travel everywhere on a motorbike, a large cumbersome one like the gardaí use. I love it. Thanks to the bike, I know I can commit to meetings and jobs in the certain knowledge I’ll be there on time. Which is what I did with the Mary McAleese interview.

As I gazed out my window at the snow-covered ground that morning I thought “maybe this isn’t the best weather for the motorbike”.

Unfortunately, I had no other options. So I convinced myself that the roads looked horrendous in the suburbs, but that they’d improve as I got closer to town.

That proved a bad theory.

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