Anton Savage: It's 'do not resuscitate' time for my old boots, and I'm not coping well

11th Apr 2024
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Originally published in the Business Post.

It’s ‘do not resuscitate’ time for my old boots, and I’m not coping well.

After two decades of faithful service my boots are facing oblivion, and that’s bad news for a sentimentalist like me, I am deeply saddened by the prospect of new boots.

My current pair are dying and this time I don’t think emergency medicine can help.

They’ve given me scares before; there was the time the sole on the right one parted from the toe and flapped up and down like the tongue of an overheated Labrador.

Then there was the time the heels wore so low they looked like ballet slippers. But every time, my cobbler Isaac has been able to rescue them.

Sometimes he’d have a serious conversation in advance of the surgery: “This may not work. There is no guarantee that once we start cutting, we’ll be able to get back to where we were. I need you to prepare yourself.”

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